Scotland has some wonderful and quite comical words that are used in everyday conversations. Try learning some of these before you visit Edinburgh and use them freely and as often as possible.

1. Awfy – meaning awful or very. eg. “They made an awfy mess of the garden.”

2. Baffies - meaning slippers. eg.” Don’t let that dog pee in my baffies”.

3. Bairn – meaning baby or young child. eg. “Look at the ears on that bairn.”

4. Claes – meaning clothes. eg. “I’m in desperate need of new claes.”

5. Dreich – meaning dreary or tedious. eg. “The weather looks dreich.”

6. Erse – meaning backside eg. “Sit on yer erse and be quiet.”

7. Fit -¬† meaning foot. eg. “Behave or you’ll feel my fit!”

8. Gey – meaning very or extremely. eg. It’s gey cold outside.

9. Heehaw – meaning nothing. eg. “He knows heehaw about women.”

10. Jings – an expression of mild surprise .eg. “Jings, I’m two hours late!”

11. Keech – meaning excrement. eg. “I’ve stood on some keech.”

12. Lugs - meaning ears. eg.” He looks like the Scottish Cup with those lugs.”

13. Mingin’ – meaning foul smell/taste. eg. “Your feet are mingin’ my love.”

14. Numpty – meaning a stupid person. eg. “I felt like a right numpty.”

15. Radge – meaning crazy. eg. “Cross the street, here comes that radge.”

16. Shoogle - meaning shake. eg. “Stop shoogling the table!”

17. Totie - meaning small. eg. “Call that a diamond? It’s totie.”

18. Torn faced - meaning to look miserable. eg. “Why are bus drivers¬† so torn faced?”

19. Plooky – meaning to have pimples. eg. “What are you looking at plooky?”

20. Yin – meaning one. eg. “I’ve only had the yin, officer.”

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